Golf course management is one of the many services we offer here at Young & Associates. With managing these courses, we are making sure the golf experience is matching the dollar amount while keeping the tradition of golf alive. But, as the world changes, so does the golf course. The culture of the industry has revamped and modernized with new technology, new generations, and the internet that has become what it is today. While the game of golf has not changed, we, as managers, need to change the way we think to ultimately continue our success. With working with our clients, we are always finding different ways to boost the course’s performance while following the current trends. Here are some tips for golf course management that you may not have tried yet:

  1. Implement a Loyalty Program

Creating a loyalty program for your recurrent and new  customers is a great way to keep these customers loyal and for the company to keep up with competition. You will want to make sure this loyalty program sticks out among the other companies as well. Using modern technology and precise marketing, you can devise an amazing tiered loyalty program that will attract your existing and new customers. A points strategy will keep customers coming in more frequently, promoting the program on social media, and overall, creating more business for the company. What’s also great about a loyalty program is that management can use it as a way to track data and analytics on the type of customer base that is being attracted to the program.

Another great thing about a loyalty program is the mobile app that sometimes comes with it, if you choose to do it that way. It’s very easy to monitor club members’ points through an app. It’s also another great way to attract customers to the course. You can send push notifications to members on upcoming events, schedule course bookings, or tell customers about special booking deals happening.

  1. Revamp Your Restaurant Menu

The restaurant at your property is a key source of income for your business. Especially if you have a liquor license, you are gaining a lot of profit from the food and drinks being ordered by golfers. If customers are spending at least two or more hours at the course, there is a very likely chance they are going to order food and/or drinks. Take a second to look at your menu and see what you can do to switch it up a little bit. Your customers will be excited for the new and creative items you add to it. Whatever items you decide to add, they don’t have to mean more expenses for the company to spend on. There are plenty of ways to revamp your menu without spending more money.

  1. Update Your Website

Although updating your website can be pricey, it does reek the benefits. Having a fresh new look may attract more potential new customers than you know. While going through the process of planning the new website, make sure you take a look and see what is and isn’t needed on your current website. Also, look through the analytics of the site and see what pages were popular among users and which ones weren’t.

The primary goal of the new website is to look appealing and sophisticated, while also having some special features like the ability to book the course, create memberships, join the loyalty program, and buy pro-shop purchases. Also, make sure to have great SEO added into the site. One way to do so is by creating a blog on the website. Here, you can write and publish posts about any special events coming up, new updates to the course and company, and the overall golf market.

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