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Building and Landscape Maintenance

Cobblestone Maintenance is a professional maintenance service offering landscape and building maintenance to community associations, condominium, townhouse, HOA’s and commercial properties throughout New Jersey. We offer high quality and professional customer service and can tailor building maintenance and landscaping to meet your needs!

Cobblestone Maintenance services focus services exclusively to community associations to maintain a property’s appearance and to retain its property value.

Our Skilled Professionals

Skilled maintenance professionals and porters provide building and property maintenance needs. Reliability, dependability and cost-effective services are provided to meet, and often exceed, our clients’ expectations.

Our flexible services allow us to tailor your contract for a “time and materials” approach or to contract hours on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule.

Exterior Maintenance

Cobblestone provides general maintenance services with-in the site and the buildings. The Cobblestone team will inspect the building’s exterior and interior.


Property Maintenance Services include:

  • Flooding repairs
  • Fire remediation
  • Building damage and repairs
  • Trash and/or recycling
  • Preventative site and building inspections
  • Sheetrocking – tape and spackle
  • Interior painting

Keeping structure and common elements in good repair improves the value your buildings and maintains your community’s curb appeal.

We offer experienced advisory for maintenance budgets and potential repairs. Our cost-effective programs will be tailored for your budget and needs.

Based on the community association goals and budgets, we can meet with the board members and develop cost effective and stable maintenance solutions. Maintaining the beauty and value of your community is a primary concern in helping the association develop the annual budget.


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