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Managing Apartment Complexes by Young & Associates

In the life cycle of all rental apartment communities, a landlord must decide on what type of property management firm to hire. Handling the day-today tasks and overseeing operations encompasses many facets. From marketing the rental property to collecting rent, Young and Associates is a turn-key property management company ready to handle the toughest challenges in today’s marketplace.

Filling Vacancies, Security Deposits and Coordinating Lease Documents

Taking the burden and headaches away from the landlord, Young and Associates is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to fill vacancies, including handling the screening process to find the best tenants possible for your apartment rentals.

Setting fair market rents is also one of the reasons landlords choose to use Young and Associates. With a background in real estate, they can quickly determine the monthly rental rates as well as setting up and negotiating the lease on behalf of the landlord. Setting up the security deposits and scheduling move-in dates are all coordinated by us.

When a rental apartment becomes vacant, Young and Associates will inspect the apartment for damage and establish if the security deposit is partially or fully refundable.

Turning Over a Vacant Apartment

Time is money. Once a rental unit becomes vacant, our goal is to turn it over quickly. Overall cleaning, general repairs, and replacing worn or broken items in the apartment will occur seamlessly alongside the marketing efforts to fill the new vacancy.

Hiring Young and Associates will save you time and money. When we manage the site, we become the eyes and ears of the apartment complex, understanding the neighbors and alleviating pain points throughout the process.

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