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Young and Associates is a Full-Service Property Management Company & Licensed Realtor

Located in Wood-Ridge, Bergen County, NJ, Young and Associates has over 30 years’ experience successfully managing residential and commercial properties in Northern and Central New Jersey.

Maintaining the highest standards of reliability and accountability, Young and Associates gives property owners peace of mind that comes from knowing their property is in trusting hands.

Servicing properties primarily in Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties, Young and Associates manages residential HOA communities, condos, co-ops and apartment complexes, golf courses and commercial properties.

Young and Associates now offers realty services through Young Realtors. Our licensed real estate brokers and associates can help you buy or sell your home. For more information about Young Realtors click here

Young and Associates

Full-Service Property Management

Residential Property Management

Young and Associates specializes in HOA’s, Co-ops, Condominiums, mixed use and apartment complexes throughout Northern and Central NJ. We manage and maintain common areas, grounds and amenities spaces efficiently and effectively.

Commercial Property Management

Maximizing Your Commercial Properties Value is essential. Our team of commercial property experts specialize in maintaining retail, office, business, leisure and industrial properties.

Golf Course Management

Offering top of the line management services and solutions for golf courses, Young and Associates has experience, knowledge and a unique understanding on how to grow and enhance your golf course facilities.

Buying or Selling Your Home? Young Realtors is Your Agent of Choice.

Young Realtors has a team of expert licensed brokers and agents who are dedicated to helping you list and sell your home quickly. We can also help you purchase the home of your dreams.

Young and Associates is a full service property management company, managing commercial and residential properties in Northern and Central New Jersey

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    Young and Associates

    Leadership at Young and Associates

    Harvey W. Young

    Founder, & President

    Harvey W. Young is the President and Founder of Young & Associates Property Management. With over thirty-five years of real estate experience, he brings a unique insight into the management of communities.

    Regardless of the size and number of units, Young & Associates Property Management is focused on creating a better lifestyle for the communities of families they manage, while enhancing and protecting a family’s most valuable asset, their home.

    Mr. Young’s vast experience in property management, insurance, and real estate brokerage, elicits an ever-growing amount expertise. At Young & Associates, our team’s diverse expertise has been our benchmark of success.

    Mr. Young understands the community and the role of volunteerism, having served as Councilman in the Borough of Wood-Ridge, and, more specifically, as Finance Commissioner, Police Commissioner and Insurance Commissioner.

    The practical experience Mr. Young has gained from these positions has helped to support the development of Community Insurance Funds. Mr. Young has served on countless Boards of Directors in charitable, community and professional organizations.

    His family’s history, rooted in the construction field, has supplied him with the knowledge needed to plan, finance and execute the most complex projects. In short, Harvey Young’s background contains a myriad of experience, which he uses daily to focus on making your community a better place to live.


    Achievements, Education and Licenses

    • Bachelor of Arts, Bloomfield College
    • President, Young & Associates
    • President, Long Ball Golf Management LLC
    • Former Councilman of Borough of Wood-Ridge, NJ.
    • Former Risk Manager of Borough of Woodcliff Lakes, NJ
    • Former President of Wood-Ridge Lions Club
    • Former President of Meadowlands Board of Realtors
    • Appointed to Meadowlands YMCA
    • NJ Licensed Real Estate Broker
    • NJ Licensed Insurance Broker

    Phyllis R. Pasqualetto

    Vice President

    Phyllis R. Pasqualetto is Vice President of Young & Associates Property Management and has worked for thirty-four years developing Young & Associates into the successful business it is today.

    Ms. Pasqualetto’ s early career began in real estate, as a leader in marketing real estate. With an eye for value and energy abound, her success was measured by multiple Million Dollar Sales Awards year after year.

    Ms. Pasqualetto’ s problem-solving skills have made her a natural fit in the property management field. Her low-key demeanor, experience in real estate, and high-quality management skills have made her an invaluable asset to Young & Associates.

    Ms. Pasqualetto has always been an avid seeker of knowledge, as demonstrated through her mastering of the insurance business, by learning from the bottom up. Her skills dovetail with that of her partner, Harvey W. Young, and together they developed a well-organized property management company, delivering a hands-on, personal approach that is rooted in both experience and professionalism.

    Ms. Pasqualetto is the consummate property manager, and it is her unwavering scrutiny to detail and ability to analyze every problem at hand that have fostered efficiency and accuracy.

    Ms. Pasqualetto has continually proven herself to be extremely capable of pinpointing issues and correcting them immediately, while maintaining a composed, professional approach toward the day-to-day tasks encountered in property management.


    Achievements and Experience

    • Vice-President, Young & Associates
    • Vice-President, Long Ball Golf Management LLC
    • NJ Licensed Real Estate Broker
    • Certified Manager of Community Associations
    • Former NJ Licensed Insurance Broker

    Young and Associates


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