Social media has become extremely important for businesses to not only reach new customers but to also network with other businesses and future employees. Whether your social media is done in-house or with an outside agency, it is essential to make sure you are taking advantage of all the opportunities that social media has to offer and to ensure you are getting the added benefits for the time you have put into it. It could be especially difficult for a property management and real estate company to keep up with their social media channels with all the other work that has to be done.

Because of this, here are some great tips to help spruce up your social media:

Make sure you are present on the most relevant social media channels. Facebook(97%), LinkedIn (59%), and Instagram (39%) are the top preferred social channels for real estate, and property management, according to MPA Magazine. It would be best to create an account on each of these platforms for your business.

Generate and post consistent content. Consistency is key! Whether it is UGC (user-generated content), original content, or paid content, you want to make sure you are posting the content regularly, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, etc. You should be posting at least weekly so that you have a presence on social media platforms. This content should be resourceful and useful to your followers so that they can engage more with your content, creating more exposure to other users.

    Take advantage of all the features on the platforms. Take the time to browse through the application settings and see what there is to help make your business page more appealing. Most apps have built-in ad programs that allow you to create ads in minutes that are very easy to use. Other features to lookout for include contact information tabs, places to add links, and profile bio’s to add useful information. For example, on Instagram and LinkedIn, there is a “bio” on your profile where you should add keywords relative to your business to attract potential customers and fellow businesses.

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