Being a property owner gives you a sense of freedom. But, with that freedom comes a duty to be responsible and a civil neighbor to the people that live around you. This holds true for your neighbor the next driveway over, the apartment right next door, or the two-family house.

Here are 5 tips to be a good neighbor!

Offer More than Just a Welcome Basket

A simple welcome basket can go a long way to welcome a new neighbor. It not only welcomes the neighbor to the community, but it also shows that you are there for them. Some helpful things to include in the basket may be a list of good restaurants and stores nearby, handy business cards for important needs, or some helpful information like when garbage pick-up is. Make sure your neighbor knows that you are there if they have any questions. 

Maintain Your Curb Appeal

According to American Family Insurance, one unkempt home in a community can bring down the property value for the whole area. It is a good idea to help your community out as a whole and keep your curb appeal up to normal standards. This includes mowing the lawn regularly, cleaning out your gutters, and overall, keeping your lawn tidy.

Handle Conflict Respectfully 

No matter how hard you try, there is always going to be some kind of conflict. It is best to work it out in a peaceful manner face to face. Sometimes it is hard to understand someone’s tone when a conflict has been taken to text messaging or some other communication that is not face to face. Overall, you want to try and resolve the conflict to keep the relationship strong. 

Follow Community Rules

If you have chosen to live in a certain community, you are agreeing to the community rules. Make sure you read and abide by them once you move in. Many of these rules are set in place so that you and your neighbors can live comfortably. Home associations set specific rules to be followed, like parking restrictions, lawn maintenance and quiet hours.

Keep the Noise Level Down

Noise complaints are pretty frequent when it comes to neighbors, especially with shared walls, like a duplex or apartment buildings. Be weary of your neighbors. Some sounds that you may think aren’t too loud, could be for them, like a fan exhaust or the washing machine. Of course, you are free to have a gathering and get a little loud sometimes, but let your neighbors know ahead of time so that they can prepare ahead. 

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