The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) needs to build and utilize a strong communication strategy between its members and homeowners in their community. Young & Associates has experience in servicing residential HOA communities.

We have seen that often owners that live in communities with Community Associations (HOAs and Condo Associations) are confused or uncertain about rules and regulations regarding their home. It could also be about the surrounding community, such as the management of common areas or elements within the community. Questions about whether the responsibility of making repairs and other maintenance operations lies with the Association or with an individual unit owner are quite common. 

Here are 5 best practices for a HOA to keep in mind when communicating with its members and homeowners!

1. Keep your website updates

Your website is gonna be the first place your member will go to look when they need information. Members can learn more about the community culture and upcoming events, as well as have access to contact information and important documents.

2. Collect feedback from residents

It’s very important to listen to your residents. Encourage them to share their thoughts and feedback on the community. This will help make the community have a better culture for all its residents. This feedback can be collected through the website, as well as by inviting residents to open meetings.

3. Send weekly newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to provide routine updates to residents, including import dates for events, new votes, and other deadlines. Residents will be more inclined to participate in community events and decisions when they are informed well in advance.

4. Post on social media

Social media continues to grow. Residents will be looking for the community HOA social accounts to follow along on new announcements and possibly reach other residents in the community. This is also a great way to have direct contact with the residents. Make sure your HOA has an account on Instagram and Facebook, as well as some other social media channels that your residents are on.

5. Be there for your members

You will always have residents calling or emailing the office with questions and/or concerns. Make sure you have someone actively responding to the residents promptly. This way, they feel heard and appreciated for their needs.

If your HOA follows some of these best practices, you will be able to build and utilize a strong communication strategy between its members and homeowners in their community! 


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