Like any other career, the property management and real estate industry is characterized with certain qualities and skills to generate the most success. You must be driven and eager to get new clients and continually be able to work efficiently to please them. This is the kind of employee we are actively seeking to hire here at Young and Associates.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019, the property, real estate, and community association industry accounted for 367,900 jobs. If you are unfamiliar with this industry, these jobs typically deal with taking care of the many aspects of residential, commercial, or industrial properties. The primary entry-level education required is a high-school diploma, although many employers do prefer to hire college graduates with several years of experience in a similar career.

Also, if you are looking to fill a manager position, it is usually required to have your real estate license. To get your license, you must take a real estate prep class, pass their exam, and then take and pass your state exam. While the test can be quite challenging, here are a few helpful tips to pass the exams.

1. Use specific exam prep materials and study aids from your class or someone else that has already taken the exam.
2. Double check that you have read each question carefully.
3. Take your time and pay attention to the details.

Most real estate agents and property managers work in an office, whereas some tasks might require them to work out of the office, spending a large part of their day showing properties, inspecting the grounds, or meeting with owners and/or clients.

Some habits of a highly successful property manager that you should be aware of include getting up to speed and staying current on all things related to property management, finding opportunities where others see obstacles, and being dependable and available.

We are currently hiring at Young and Associates so if this sounds like a job you are interested and qualified for, please contact us at (201)-939-8200 for more information.

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